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Holroyd Instruments:

Question, do you need an easy to use, low cost, fast method of instantly determining the health of your rotating equipment?

Answer, You Need Condition Monitoring with Acoustic Emission technology from Holroyd Instruments.

Here's how to get on the fast-track to CM success :

Don't get bogged down with complex instruments that you'll find difficult to implement and don't be fobbed off with basic units that can't give you the early warning you need. Instead take a look at the MHC - Classic for truly instant fault detection in rotating machinery. If you're looking for a guided route data logger complete with PC interface and comprehensive analysis software then you'll be amazed at the power of the MHC - Memo. Unbeatable sensitivity to faults without the need to input bearing / gear details or even shaft speed. Team up with Holroyd Instruments where we have pioneered a unique approach to Condition Monitoring. This is based on the detection and analysis of the high frequency component of the structure borne sounds which are naturally generated by all machines.

The power of this approach, which is known as Acoustic Emission (AE), lies in the fact that it directly detects the physical processes such as friction, impacts and metal removal which occur when machinery degrades. Because of this it can be applied to virtually all rotating machinery including those traditionally difficult areas such as slow speed machinery, plain bearings and complex gearboxes.

• Instantly categorises machines as 'OK' or 'Suspect'.
• Rank 'Suspect' machines in terms of problem severity.
• Monitor the rate of degradation of 'Suspect' machines.
• Set levels at which action needs to be taken.

The key to the success of AE in the industrial environment lies not only in its high sensitivity to machine faults, but also in its inherent immunity to audible noise and low frequency vibrations. Because of this, AE is ideally suited to the shop floor where the background levels of noise and vibration are likely to be high and variable.

AE gives you these important benefits:

• Lower cost - both purchase and ownership costs.
• Simpler to set-up - no need to feed in machine design details.
• Easier to interpret - common interpretation across different machines.

Wider application - gearboxes, RE & plain bearings, slow speed etc..
The Holroyd Instruments range of Condition Monitoring products is not only extensive but thoroughly proven in the industrial environment.
"Condition Monitoring that really Works"



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